Paradise Transit

It happens hundreds of times a week – a customer receives a ride from Paradise Transit - but each ride is unforgettable.
We have been providing safe and reliable transportation for the students of West Chester University since January 2010. Although safety is our #1 goal, it doesnt mean we cant have fun…right? Paradise Transit is just what you need to start and end your evening in style! Continue Reading...



Is It your 1 year, 10 year, 50 year anniversary? It doesn’t matter how many years it has been, show your loved one how special they are with a ride from Paradise Transit. If you want to go to a 5 star restaurant in Philadelphia or a romantic stay at the Baltimore Inner harbor, Paradise Transit can get you there. Our drivers will be able to give you the privacy that you want but also be able to accommodate for any special request you may have. Come take a luxurious ride on Paradise Transit that will be as marvelous as your special someone.

Customer Testimonials

What would I do without Paradise? Well first off I wouldn’t be able to wear my heels!!!
- Leslie Narrows
Paradise Transit is the best!!! When I went to move out of West Chester and into the suburbs I actually called them up to see what apartments they picked up at because I couldn’t be driving to the bars at night!
- Ryan Insel
Took PT for a night out, the bus was so awesome with the cheetah print! We wanted to stay out longer then our set time and the driver did a great job of making it happen!
- Heather Tillman
When I was a student at West Chester I used to take Paradise Transit all the time! I actually met my Fiancé on the bus! We plan on renting it out for our wedding.
- Penny Trimble (soon to be Roth)

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