Paradise Transit

It happens hundreds of times a week – a customer receives a ride from Paradise Transit - but each ride is unforgettable.
We have been providing safe and reliable transportation for the students of West Chester University since January 2010. Although safety is our #1 goal, it doesnt mean we cant have fun…right? Paradise Transit is just what you need to start and end your evening in style! Continue Reading...

Shopping Excursion

Shopping Excursion

Are you a hardcore shopper, looking for the best deal? Well look no further because Paradise Transit is that deal! Everyone needs to treat themselves to a shopping excursion from time to time, take Paradise to get there! We can take you to all your favorite stores and malls, such as King of Prussia, Park City, and Concord. If you’re looking to go top notch we can even take you to New York City to get the latest fashionables!!! Don’t miss out on this bargain and take Paradise Transit on your next shopping spree!

Customer Testimonials

We rented Paradise for a bachelorette and went on a wine tasting tour. The bus was so nice and clean and the driver really knew his stuff!
- Allie Lasik
What would I do without Paradise? Well first off I wouldn’t be able to wear my heels!!!
- Leslie Narrows
Paradise Transit is the best!!! When I went to move out of West Chester and into the suburbs I actually called them up to see what apartments they picked up at because I couldn’t be driving to the bars at night!
- Ryan Insel
When I was a student at West Chester I used to take Paradise Transit all the time! I actually met my Fiancé on the bus! We plan on renting it out for our wedding.
- Penny Trimble (soon to be Roth)

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